Child Adjustable Multicoloured Jade Beads Amber Soothing Bracelet/Anklet

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Introducing our Adjustable Baroque Beads Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet with Natural Multicoloured Jade Beads – a perfect fusion of comfort, style, and natural soothing properties for your little one.

Crafted with care and precision, this teething accessory is designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. Let's dive into the details:

Product Highlights:

Natural Multicoloured Jade Beads: Our teething bracelet/anklet features natural multicoloured jade beads. These vibrant beads not only add a touch of elegance but also bring the calming properties of jade into your child's world.

Baroque Amber Beads: Irregularly shaped baroque amber beads add a unique, organic charm to the accessory. Amber is renowned for its soothing qualities, making it an ideal choice for teething infants.

Sturdy Silk Cord: The beads are securely strung together with a sturdy silk cord, ensuring durability and longevity. We prioritize safety and quality, so you can trust that this piece is built to last.

Lightweight and Smooth: The beads are lightweight and smooth, making them exceptionally comfortable for babies to wear. Your child will hardly notice it's there, but you'll notice the difference in their teething experience.

Adjustable Design: We understand that children grow quickly, and their needs change. That's why this bracelet/anklet is adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen it as needed to fit your child's wrist or ankle perfectly. Adjustable from 5.1 inches (13 cm) to 6.6 inches (17 cm) long.

By choosing our Adjustable Baroque Beads Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet, you're providing your little one with a stylish and soothing accessory that eases the discomfort of teething. Plus, you'll love the peace of mind knowing that it's made with quality materials and designed with your child's comfort in mind.

Enhance your baby's teething journey with this versatile and beautiful accessory. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself.

All items come in GoAmber branded packaging. For returns see our Shipping and Returns. All our jewellery is handmade from natural amber which may vary in its color, texture and shape. Please allow a slight difference of the item from the pictures.


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Bracelet string:
The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the necklace were to break the beads would not scatter.
The organic nature of Baltic amber means the colour and shape may vary from the images shown on our website

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