Directions For Use


It is very important that you follow the safety advice provided below to prevent any potential choking or strangulation hazards from occurring:

  • Do not allow the child to chew on the necklace or bracelet.

  • Amber jewellery for children under three (3) years old should be worn always supervised by an adult to prevent a possible choking hazard.

  • Remove the necklace or bracelet from the child when the child is unattended even if it is only for a short period of time.

  • Remove the necklace or bracelet from the child when they are sleeping during the day or overnight.

  • Don’t allow your child to tug excessively on the necklace or bracelet, as this will stretch and weaken the silk over time.


  • Place necklace, bracelet or anklet on the child against their skin, as the jewellery is for wearing only.

  • Do NOT let the child put the jewellery in their mouth, suck, chew or play with the jewellery.

  • Supervise the child at all times when they are wearing the jewellery.

  • Remove jewellery from the child when they are sleeping and when the child is unattended or unsupervised.


  • Please note that amber jewellery is made with a delicate tree resin and that care should be taken whenever the jewellery is taken on or off. Over tightening of the jewellery may cause the clasp to crack, please twist close gently.

  • Please remove your jewellery for bathing and swimming as this will pro-long the life of the silk cord.
  • If your necklace or bracelet becomes dirty (such as food, milk etc) please wash in tepid water. Use a mild soap only if necessary. Dry flat in the shade. Only wash as often as needed.

  • Avoid getting products such as body creams, sunscreens, repellents, perfumes, talcum powder and soaps on the necklace or bracelet, as they clog the fibres, attracting dirt and speeding the deterioration of the silk. It has been found that any of these materials can irreversibly damage the beads.

  • Avoid storing amber with other metal jewellery and keep wrapped in a soft cloth. Amber will darken with age due to oxidation, but you can help to stop it from being discolored by storing it well away from heat and fluorescent lights.
  • Avoid high pressure. Avoid excessive pressure on elastic bracelets & anklets. Put them on carefully to keep the jewellery stretchy.