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GoAmber Teething & Colic Bracelets / Anklets

Adjustable amber teething & colic bracelet / anklet - maximum strength raw beads

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For Maximum Pain Relief. Adjustable raw unpolished baroque beads amber teething bracelet / anklet for your baby! Can be worn on baby’s wrist or ankle.

Baby growing too fast? Adjustable from 5.9 inches (15 cm) to 6.6 inches (17 cm) long.

- Authentic Baltic amber verified by the Gemological Institute of Europe 
- Teething pain relief
- Colic pain relief
- Excessive gas relief
- Skin rash relief
- Passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests 
- Double-knotted beads for safety 
- Leave on all day, wrap around ankle at night 
- Trendy, earthy look. Super cute! 
- Amber teething & colic anklet / bracelet does not lose effectiveness over time


Stunning bracelet
Posted 14th Aug 2022 by Jp

This is well made, strong and a lovely product. It works perfectly as an anklet on my one year old .

Love this so much
Posted 23rd Jan 2021 by Michelle

Honestly my wee boy had such bother with colic and teething and I can’t believe the difference in him since buying this plus it’s very cute on his ankle I honestly can’t recommend this product

Amber Beads
Posted 7th Oct 2020 by Ailsa Brasier

I previously bought a different bracelet for my son which snapped so I opted for one as I thought it wouldn't be break to easily. My son easily is able to pull it off his wrist as it doesn't say tight so I've put it on his ankle and have to just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't come off with his clothes ... However I do believe it works and my son has managed to get some teeth through without any problems. Can definitely tell the difference between wearing one and not.

Posted 23rd Sep 2020 by Samijo

My baby boy has worn an amber bracelet since being 4 weeks old, he didn’t honestly struggle with teething or colic, it then fell off one day and for a week he dribbled loads and really struggled with teething. Since purchasing his new beads he has returned to a non-dribble happy baby! Was sceptical but they have really worked for us!

Posted 30th Jul 2020 by Paige

The bracelet is cute and I love that there’s no clasp so nothing can break. I don’t know if it’s doing much for teething but there’s no obvious discomfort from my son. I’ll take that as a win.

Cure colic!
Posted 22nd Jan 2018 by Amy

My little boy suffered badly with colic - since he’s been wearing this anklet we’ve had peaceful evenings and a much happier baby!

Posted 12th Jun 2017 by Kellie

This bracelet is a miracle bracelet, has worked magic wonders on my little boy. He was a different baby instantly, it fits perfectly around his ankle, fast delivery, looks exactly like the picture. I genuinely could not fault this bracelet:)

cute anklets
Posted 11th May 2017 by Jessica

Looks cute not sure if it's "healing" but both my boys wear them

Posted 16th Apr 2017 by Paige A.

This is an awesome anklet. Actually works for teething babies. Not too big that it will get caught on things.

Posted 20th Mar 2017 by May C

Very pleased with the quality of this anklet. Fits perfectly.

Nice Anklet
Posted 15th Dec 2016 by Debbie

The product itself is very pretty and well made however I'm not seeing the benefits yet as my baby has just cut her first two teeth and she is in a lot of pain and being very much affected by it.

Magical little beads!
Posted 18th Oct 2016 by Keri Bethell

I got this for my daughter (10months at the time) whilst we were still waiting on those little teeth. She's been struggling for months with endless amounts of calpol, anbesol, teething granules, baby bonjela and dentinox. First tooth came through 2 days ago, she never whinged once. These anklets are actually magical!

Difficult to tell if it works
Posted 1st Aug 2016 by Michaela

It's difficult to determine if the anklet works as my daughter still has teething problems. I did not wear the anklet for two days and it did not make a difference. However it is a nice design and a nice anklet for a child regardless of teething purposes

Very quick delivery
Posted 30th Jun 2016 by undefined

Great product - came within a couple of days - very pleased with it.

Posted 20th Jun 2016 by undefined

The product arrived very quickly and was just as it looked on the Internet. The quality is good and so far so good in its use for soothing a teething baby!

Amber anklet
Posted 2nd Jun 2016 by Fiona

Lovely anklet beautifully made, easy to put on and off. really helped with my sons teething, unfortunately he managed to loose it with in a week :(

Beautiful bracelet
Posted 12th Mar 2016 by Becky

Received my bracelet this morning and looks really nice hopefully will help with my boys teething

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Bracelet string The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the bracelet were to break the beads would not scatter.
Weight 2.00 Grams
Sku AB098
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Adjustable amber teething bracelet or anklet for babies UK & Ireland
Adjustable amber beads for teething with certified genuine Baltic amber Boots & Mumsnet
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