Amber Teething Sets in a wide variety of styles. Let your baby be at peace with no discomfort with this amber teething set. The pain and discomfort, for both you and the baby will be a thing of the past with the new genuine Baltic amber teething sets from GoAmber UK. Created as a natural remedy for teething & colic pain, these sets have become mommy’s best friends in keeping their baby happy and comfortable.

Each amber teething set is entirely handcrafted. Our workshop use only AAA class certified jewellery grade raw amber material. Amber teething sets are available in various colours: cognac beads, honey beads, dark cherry beads, lemon beads, multicoloured beads, green beads, black beads, golden amber beads, butterscotch amber beads, white beads, greenish beads, cherry colour beads. Help your baby soothe teething pain in a non-invasive and drug-free way.

Buying an amber teething set you save ~ 20%