Red String Kabbalah Bracelet with honey polished amber bead

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Red String Kabbalah Bracelet with honey polished Baltic amber bead. Each bracelet is made from quality red waxed cord, knotted at each side so it can be adjusted.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: The bracelet is adjustable - 23 cm fully opened
The Red String Bracelet and its meaning.

Some of you may wonder why do people wear this simple red string and what does it mean?

Many people across the world wear red string around their wrists. According to traditional belief the red string eliminates unwanted energies in a person’s life to make room for positive ones.

Why colour red?

Red is associated with the desire to ward off negative energies and not only among Jewish communities. Throughout history people painted their front doors and their animals in red from protection against the evil eye. Ancient warriors used to paint their weapon in red for the same reason. No one knows the exact reason for it. However, evidently, the use of the colour red as an evil eye amulet can be found in various communities across the world.

How the red string bracelet should be used?

The red string should be worn on the left wrist . Why left and not right?
It is traditionally believed that energy channels from the left side into the body and leaves from the right side.
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Waterproof red waxed cord bracelet with adjustable sliding closure

2 Reviews

Biolka 29th Nov 2021

Lovely little beacelet

It is subtle enough to wear everyday, I do not take it off! It is adjustable too which is great. I love it.

Edita Goodlad 23rd Aug 2021

Amber string

Lovely bracelet

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