Baltic Amber Necklace for Adults: Jade with Raw Extra Strength Beads

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"Revitalize Your Well-Being with Adult Baroque Beads Multicoloured Healing Amber Necklace Enhanced with Natural Green Jade Stones"

Indulge in the therapeutic elegance of our Adult Baroque Beads Multicoloured Healing Amber Necklace, gracefully adorned with the serene presence of natural Green Jade stones. Each piece is a unique symphony of style and holistic benefits, meticulously designed to enhance your well-being.

Key Features:

Jade Elegance: Natural Green Jade stones intricately complement the multicoloured baroque beads, creating a visually enchanting and harmonious design.


Approximate Length: 44 cm / 17.3 inches
Color: Multicoloured amber beads / Green Jade stones
Shape: Baroque beads

Health Benefits:

This amber necklace, enriched with the soothing touch of Green Jade, offers a range of potential health benefits, providing relief from:

- Headaches and neck pain
- Arthritis
- Sore throat and congestion
- Back and knee pain
- Menstrual discomfort
- Skin conditions
- Depression and anxiety
- Stress
- Sinus issues
- Stomach upsets
- Bone and joint pain
- Thyroid stimulation
- Eczema and psoriasis
- Insomnia
- Improved glucose metabolism
- Antispasmodic and anti-fever properties
- Disorders of the adrenals, liver, and spleen
- Enhanced blood circulation

Important Note:

As amber is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly alike. We encourage you to measure for size and carefully examine the product image to appreciate the unique characteristics of your amber necklace.

Elevate your style and well-being with the Adult Baroque Beads Multicoloured Healing Amber Necklace, enhanced with the serene energy of natural Green Jade stones. Order now and experience the perfect fusion of elegance and natural healing.

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Barrel screw clasp:
Barrel screw clasps consist of two round threaded cylinders where one end screws into the other end by twisting them around several times. They provide greater security than magnetic or hook type clasps.
Necklace string:
The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the necklace were to break the beads would not scatter.
Product images:
The organic nature of Baltic amber means the colour and shape may vary from the images shown on our website.
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