Baltic Amber Bracelet: Adjustable Multicoloured Baroque and Green Cat Eye Beads

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Discover harmonious well-being with our adjustable multicoloured baroque beads amber healing bracelet, featuring exquisite green cat eye beads and a tree of life pendant.

Adjustable Length: 19-21cm
Colour: Multicoloured amber beads / Green cat eye beads
Shape: Baroque rounded beads

Embrace the natural benefits of amber, renowned for:

- Headaches and neck pain relief
- Arthritis support
- Alleviation of sore throat & congestion
- Back & knee pain comfort
- Menstrual pain relief
- Improvement of skin conditions
- Aid in relieving depression and anxiety
- Stress reduction
- Sinus support
- Relief from stomach upsets
- Comfort for bone & joint pain
- Thyroid stimulation
- Eczema and psoriasis relief
- Assistance with insomnia
- Enhancement of glucose metabolism
- Antispasmodic and anti-fever properties
- Alleviation of disorders related to adrenals, liver, and spleen
- Improved blood circulation

Indulge in the timeless beauty and therapeutic advantages of our carefully crafted bracelet, a perfect blend of style and wellness.

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1 Review

Sam 15th Dec 2015

just perfect, very good quality!!!

my husband is happy with it, it looks very nice on his sun tanned skin!

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