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GoAmber Teething Necklaces

Amber teething necklace - multicolor polished baroque beads

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Your baby deserves the best. The best selling stylish multicoloured amber teething necklace for your baby! Super comfortable to wear with smooth and rounded beads.

Weight of baby necklace 6 grams, approximate length of amber baby necklace is 12.6-13 inches or 32-33 cm.

- Only authentic Baltic amber verified by the Gemological Institute of Europe 
- Passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests 
- Double-knotted beads for safety 
- The necklace can be worn as a double anklet
- Extra-Secure screw clasp 
- Leave on all day, wrap twice around ankle at night 
- Trendy, earthy look. Super cute! 
- Product does not lose effectiveness over time

Multicoloured necklace
Posted 12th Aug 2022 by Emma

Beautiful quality necklace. Bought for my 6 month old granddaughter. Colours are gorgeous. Very responsible price. Would highly recommend Go Amber

Hesitant at first..
Posted 6th Aug 2019 by Matt

We were understandably hesitant at first if this would work. However, the comparison between her not wearing it before we bought it, and now, is very noticeable. She seems much less cranky and less in pain. She still dribbles but we can deal with a small problem like that..

The amber is vey high quality
Posted 6th Feb 2019 by Sam

just arrived, beautiful, warm amber beads, very happy with this purchase

I think it works
Posted 21st Feb 2018 by Christine

Unsure truly if this works. However, my baby boy does seem to be less cranky while wearing it. So I definitely think it has been worth it

Posted 6th Feb 2018 by Becky

Shipped fast. Has a screw clasp. Great length for my 10month old.. wish it had a safety release clasp. Otherwise, perfect and as advertised.

Absolutely love these necklaces
Posted 22nd May 2017 by Andrea

I bought this necklace as a gift. My daughter had one and I love it so much, I got this one for a friends baby!

Posted 11th May 2017 by andrew

Gets caught in baby's hair.

We would recommend it
Posted 7th May 2017 by nancy

Our baby's teeth seem to hurt less with the necklace. His hands are less in his mouth that before! We would recommend it, since it appears to have worked for us!

it works
Posted 30th Apr 2017 by Reggie

Despite my doubts, this necklace works wonders!

necklace broke
Posted 14th Apr 2017 by Maria

Only after having this necklace for a week several stones on this necklace broke off while being worn. :(

I am a believer in amber necklaces now!
Posted 8th Apr 2017 by Ella J

I was very skeptical that this necklace was going to help my daughter's teething pain, but my friend who is a nurse insisted that I give it a try. I am definitely not disappointed. I have noticed that on the days we remember to put this on my daughter, she shows less signs of teeth pain (drooling, biting, fussing). It doesn't completely take her pain away, but this necklace helped us get through her first 3 teeth.

well made amber necklace
Posted 28th Mar 2017 by Jenna

I bought these for my 2.5 month old. They are very well made and fit her perfectly with a little room to grow.

Posted 25th Mar 2017 by AJ


Posted 9th Mar 2017 by Maria

Cant say for sure that it works for my teething 7 month old, but it does look cute on her

Posted 30th Dec 2016 by undefined

My son is 3 months,and I have put the necklace and ankle bracelet,hope in future he will be quite and happy during teething.

Posted 25th Dec 2016 by Annabel S

Either it's a total coincidence or it actually works!! My nephew wore it and usually screams all night but first night on he slept all night and even snored!! happy times! Delivery was very fast. Would recommend.

Very pleased
Posted 5th Sep 2016 by undefined

Really pleased with the necklace.

it worked
Posted 18th Aug 2016 by Laura

I do like this product. I was worried about using it on my baby but lots of girl friends use the necklace and came highly recommend. I did use it on my babies ankle and put a sock over so she didn't mess with it. It worked!

Posted 26th May 2016 by undefined

Firstly I would like to say I was really sceptial! But as a Last resort to a really Unhappy teething baby I gave in. not had it of for 3 weeks(apart from bathing) and she has been more content and happy, and is currently has two new teeth coming though, no bonjella Or pain killers required!!

hopeful it's working
Posted 28th Apr 2016 by Rogerson

Amber necklace arrived and I couldn't wait to put it on my baby boy who has been suffering with teething really bad nothing was soothing him. I'm happy to say the necklace is helping even though were still putting hands in mouth and drooling alot he seems happy and calmer. It also looks cute on him and safe to wear wish I had heard of these previously with my other children.

cute and useful
Posted 14th Apr 2016 by Samantha

I love this necklace, high quality amber, we tested it and it was the real deal

Super cute
Posted 16th Mar 2016 by Jean

This necklace is gorgeous! It looks so pretty on my little one. I like that it is knotted between each bead for safety. One thing I didn't like is that the clasp screwed together instead of just clicking in like most children's beaded necklaces.

Necklace not great ..
Posted 11th Mar 2016 by Barbara

Received necklace I feel it doesn't work as great he still has a lot of dribbles . I had a small bracelet which I had bought in a shop and I found that brilliant no dribbles at all ..

Posted 3rd Mar 2016 by Elizabeth

Awesome necklace! Very well made and even nicer than described!

it's working!
Posted 9th Feb 2016 by Chritine

Only had it for a few hours and is already helping my daughter

Posted 28th Jan 2016 by Melissa L

This is super pretty and gets a lot of compliments! And my baby has become more calm since wearing it. <3 Thank you!

lovely necklace
Posted 15th Dec 2015 by Megan Lehman

I love the necklace I got for my son. Looks exactly like on the website & very nicely crafted!!!

Beautiful product
Posted 16th Nov 2015 by Kayla Sparks

Beautiful necklace. Reasonable shipping time from Europe. Well priced and just as described.

Posted 29th Oct 2015 by Nathalie Forsen

Love the colour! It's a bit big right now but plenty of time for her to grow into it

Posted 7th Oct 2015 by Chloe

The item is even nicer than I thought... Thank you!

good price
Posted 14th Sep 2015 by Ashley Hall

Love the colors, love the safety knotting, love how fashionable my 7 month old is looking. Nice price and it's authentic! I tested it! Will buy for my 22 month old as well

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Condition New
Barrel screw clasp Barrel screw clasps consist of two round threaded cylinders where one end screws into the other end by twisting them around several times. They provide greater security than magnetic or hook type clasps.
Necklace string The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the necklace were to break the beads would not scatter.
Weight 6.00 Grams
Sku AB138
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Multicolor amber teething necklace
Multi-color amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
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Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace
Multicoloured amber teething necklace