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GoAmber Teething & Colic Bracelets / Anklets

Amber teething & colic anklet / bracelet with polished cognac olive beads

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Your baby deserves the best! Our most popular product. Stylish knotted cognac olive beads amber teething & colic bracelet / anklet for your baby! The beads are smooth and lightweight with no sharp edges or cracks so your baby won't even notice he’s wearing them! 

Can be worn as an anklet or bracelet. Approximate length of amber teething & colic bracelet is 5.5-6.0 inches or 14-15 cm. This is generally a good size for most young children, regardless of age. Before you purchase, we advise you to measure the wrist or ankle, you need to allow a little extra length, about 1cm.

- Only authentic certified Baltic amber verified by the Gemological Institute of Europe 
- Passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests 
- Double-knotted beads for safety 
- Extra-secure screw clasp that will break away for additional safety measure
- Leave on all day, wrap around ankle at night 
- Trendy, earthy look. Super cute! 
- Amber teething bracelet / anklet does not lose effectiveness over time

All items come in GoAmber branded packaging. For returns see our Shipping and Returns. All our jewellery is handmade from natural amber which may vary in its color, texture and shape. Please allow a slight difference of the item from the pictures.


Amber bracelet
Posted 2nd Feb 2023 by Lucy

Lovely little bracelet, seems to be helping. Fits my 8 month old ankle perfectly.

Amber Anklet
Posted 28th Aug 2022 by Alice Gardner

Absolute fantastic product, i do believe they make a massive difference. Unfortunately the anklet it so large it falls off my sons ankle so unable to achieve the full potential .Wish i would of up chased the necklace instead!

Too big
Posted 5th Jun 2022 by Marina

Can't really tell if it works as it was too big for my 8-month old. It says it should fit all ages, however this is not the case and it would be better if sizes were available.

Fantastic but too big
Posted 27th Feb 2022 by Claire mitchell

This bracelet is gorgeous and has a good safety screw catch on it….I think it really helped with teething. My baby is 9 months and big for his age (in 12-18 month clothing already)..,,and he has quite chunky wrists. Unfortunately he can slip it off himself & we’ve had to stop using it. Shame as it’s lovely

Amber bead review
Posted 16th Aug 2021 by Charlotte H.

I love these beads. I used them on my first child and I’ve used them again on my daughter. Delivery took quite a while but it was definitely worth the wait! Would highly recommend to anyone

Quality product
Posted 13th Mar 2021 by Elaine

Product arrived quick enough and was packed very well. Quality is good, can't wait to start using it and fingers cross for a good results.

Used with my first child now my second !
Posted 4th Nov 2020 by Demo

I used this bracelet 2 years ago with my little boy and it worked a treat so now I bought for my daughter to try (only downfall is it’s a bit big at the moment) will have to wait a little bit before it fits to try again . Overall brilliant product

Posted 3rd Jul 2020 by Han

Product took about 2 weeks to arrive, understandable during the recent pandemic. Looks a good sturdy bracelet but at the moment is too big for my 8 week old who is suffering from colic. Doesn't fit on her ankle either but will save it in the hope it will help with her teething somewhere along the way. Didn't want to leave a negative review as I feel it would be unfair.

Posted 27th Jun 2020 by Katie Hartnett

I was really sceptical about getting one, but when my son hit 6 months he decided he didn’t want to sleep anymore, he was cutting a lot of teeth and really short spaces of time. This went on for over 3 months, waking every 2 hrs, bracelet arrived and from the first day of putting it on he has slept 10-12hrs at night without waking once! It’s been a week! Still can’t believe it! Only thing was that delivery took a while.

Amber bracelet
Posted 1st May 2020 by Tracey Norcross

I bought this for my grand daughter it has been a tremendous help with teething and I would highly recommend this , to be honest it’s a pity it wasn’t available when I had my children as it would of helped out a lot , excellent

Slight improvement
Posted 5th Feb 2020 by Melissa Butler

Baby’s drooling and pain levels seemed to have improved for the first few days but now seem to have no effect. Time will tell I suppose

Amber teething & colic
Posted 20th Jan 2020 by Ash

This item was far to big for my little boy which means I haven’t had chance to really use it as it is always falling off or rubbing on his skin because it’s so big.

Really great but too big for my baby
Posted 9th Oct 2019 by Vicky

I was sceptical about getting one of these as I thought ‘how could a bracelet help teething?’ And the first few weeks of my baby wearing it I didn’t think it was doing anything, and then we lost it! What a different baby I have now, he’s back to constantly chewing everything in sight and in a lot more pain. HOWEVER, I wish they did different sizes, as I won’t be purchasing this one again, I paid £15.99 but it was too big and he has lost it whilst we were out. Such a shame.

good quality
Posted 3rd Sep 2019 by Nathalie Kangas

Shipping got messed up. Bracelet is good

Perfect, thanks!!
Posted 1st Sep 2019 by Emma Hill

Lovely little anklet. First one I ordered didn’t arrive but goamber sent out a replacement super quick and it arrived in a couple of days. Thank you

Snapped after 5 days
Posted 20th May 2019 by Kara Warren

Bracelet was great, really seemed to work for my son and he had no issues with his gums bothering him while wearing it. His cheeks were less red and he was hardly slobbering which was great. Unfortunately the bracelet snapped after just 5 days of him wearing it on his ankle so unable to give higher rating as he can no longer use the product which wasn’t cheap!!

Posted 7th Nov 2018 by Kate J

It really is nice looking. It also feels nice because the beads are nicely polished so it does not bother the baby. Unfortunately the clasp is the barrel kind which also does not bother baby but since babies move so much it gets to the point that it comes undone. Needless to say we lost it after only a week. Wish we still had it because he compliments on how nice it was.

Love it best 14.99 I ever spent
Posted 13th Aug 2018 by Louise

I can not recommend these enough bought first one thinking can’t see it it working but it looked really cute and was worth a try little boy had it on for about a week but unfortunately lost it I was straight back on this website ordering a second one because I could really tell the differents in him when it was off not sleeping properly dribbling a lot he’s second order came today

Anklet /bracelet
Posted 27th Jul 2018 by Emily

I bought this as an anklet for my 16 mo son. However it was far too short for an anklet. It's a snug ish bracelet. Make sure you measure where you want this to go because the double knotting means there is no stretch. Other than that overall good craftsmanship. Sturdy and so far toddler proof.

Teething anklet/bracelet
Posted 26th Jul 2018 by Hannah perry

Since having this bracelet my little boy hasn’t had to have any pain relief for teething and is back on track with his sleeping. Didn’t believe it would make such a difference but it’s worked. Best £15 I’ve ever spent.

Ankle bracelet
Posted 16th Jun 2018 by Kirsty

My little boy has had his bracelet since he was 3 months old he is now 8 months old and the bracelet has worked wounders! It is also in very good condition and still has life left in it he wears it all the time only take it off when he has a bath he has cut teeth and hasn't suffered at all! Would highly recommend

I love it!
Posted 28th Apr 2018 by Olivia W

Great color and fits my daughters ankle perfectly. I seriously have no clue if it does anything for teething but I love the way it looks. Thanks for the great product!

Amber Teething Anklet
Posted 21st Nov 2017 by Gemma

Great product which arrived just in time as my baby started to get her first tooth! So far so good and I have since recommended them to lots of other mums!! Only downside it's a pity there not available in different sizes as she's forever kicking it off.

Great anklet
Posted 22nd Oct 2017 by Sadie

Beautiful anklet for my 2month old, Although really big so have to play hunt the anklet in sleep suits. Hopefully will start to fit once those pesky teeth start coming through.

Posted 14th Sep 2017 by Katie

We love the teething anklet, teething seems to be easier for my daughter when she's wearing it. Even if it doesn't really work then it looks cute so win win for us.

Nice anklet but too big!
Posted 29th Aug 2017 by Charlotte

The teething anklet looks lovely but it currently keeps falling off my 5 1/2 month old baby's ankles so therefore i'm unable to determine whether it works! Hopefully it will start to fit before those teeth start to actually break through the gum!

Amber teething/colic bracelet
Posted 16th Aug 2017 by Dawn wise

Brilliant item recommend definitely.

cool baby soothing tool
Posted 2nd Aug 2017 by Ahley

I think it works. For all the haters out there who don't think Baltic amber works I say " what's the harm in trying? Plus my baby looks uber stylish"

Super cute
Posted 16th Jul 2017 by Hayley

Great quality but big on my 3 months old babies ankle. Kept falling off so I decided to wait until he got some meat around his ankle.

Great product
Posted 26th Jun 2017 by S Taylor

This seems to have really worked, I was very sceptical but I was giving my 4 month old pain relief every single day and I didn't know what else to try and since having the anklet on she hasn't had any pain relief since. I would genuinely recommend

rich cognac colors
Posted 28th May 2017 by Christi Byerly

Love the colors! Just didn't stay on.

Posted 22nd May 2017 by Katie

Arrived in 3 working days. Haven't been disappointed. The redness in my baby's cheeks has gone, dribble is now minimal and her she doesn't seem to be suffering. She has also started taking her bottles again. Highly recommend. Thank you

Amazing as always!
Posted 22nd May 2017 by Lindsey

Bracelets are well made. I have bought two for my grandchildren and they have lasted and held up great! Highly recommended!!!

very cute
Posted 17th May 2017 by Kayla K

Looks so cute, baby doesn't mind wearing it. Can say 100% its working but I feel it is my son has not been drooling as much or eating his hands.

Not working!
Posted 12th May 2017 by ANNA

I have purchased this for my 4 months old son as he is going through difficult time with teething. He was wearing this was few days and it did not seem to work as it says. Waste of money to my opinion.

Posted 11th May 2017 by MArion

On my grandson now. Hopefully it works

still skeptical
Posted 7th May 2017 by JOSH

Iam still skeptical of how it works but if my baby doesn't have it on he wakes up crying, with it on he wakes up content as can be.

Posted 2nd May 2017 by Shuanna

Love it. Fits my 4 month old sons ankle perfect. Reduces teething pain

Posted 30th Apr 2017 by S Berry

Nice product

broke the first day
Posted 27th Apr 2017 by Kailyn

the bracelet broke the first day I was very disappointed because it was so cute on her

Highly recommend
Posted 25th Apr 2017 by Leah

Bought this for our little boy when 3 months old. The redness on his cheeks went down and all the dribbling stoped. Worked amazing until he outgrew the anklet I wish I could order a larger size as he is now teething again.

I was not disappointed
Posted 24th Apr 2017 by Amanda

Received mine within 3 business days :) it is beautiful and i love it on my son on problem is it JUST fits my 3 month old, probably will outgrow it very soon. Thank you! :)

cute anklet
Posted 23rd Apr 2017 by Caitlin Williams

Smaller than I thought but cute seems to b working baby not cranky with teething

Posted 18th Apr 2017 by AZ

Great deal, thank you!

I love these anklets
Posted 12th Apr 2017 by Elizabeth A. Thrall

Very pretty anklet Time will tell if is works as an anti-inflammatory

Good product
Posted 12th Apr 2017 by Lindsay A

We love this! Works amazing

Amber teething bracelet
Posted 10th Apr 2017 by Joanna O ' Brien

Dribbles have reduced massively and discomfort also. Would definitely recommend this product

not working
Posted 8th Apr 2017 by EMILY

Didn't help my baby at all very disappointed

Posted 7th Apr 2017 by Susanne

Alles ganz wunderbar :-) Vielen Dank!!

Posted 6th Apr 2017 by MARTINA FOSTER

It is not elastic; instead has a clasp which is very difficult to get on an infant. Also because of this, be sure to measure your child's ankle before ordering: 14cm was too small for my son. I would however recommend the shop. I also had a shipping problem and they resolved it immediately.

Nicely made and sturdy.
Posted 30th Mar 2017 by Ashley

This anklet has been wonderful for my son! His teething symptoms have practically disappeared.

Don't work
Posted 28th Mar 2017 by Cheryl

I have not noticed these working... At all. But cute anklet

Posted 24th Mar 2017 by Olivia

I was hesitant to buy these anklets because I thought they wouldn't work... Well they most definitely do! My 9 month old has stopped the drooling and constant fussing. On top of that, he's also started sleeping longer at night!

Posted 22nd Mar 2017 by C. Bigden

As soon as we put the ankle bracelet on baby he stopped chewing his hands, amazing!

thank you
Posted 20th Mar 2017 by Christel Dickel

A little too big for my little boy's ankle, but otherwise great!

Posted 20th Mar 2017 by Kelly

Received . Does not fit . Too small.

Posted 18th Mar 2017 by MIkaela

Within a week of my then 4mth daughter wearing one her first tooth cut threw,she now has another 2 teeth an she hasn't moaned or had any need for bonjella/calpol to ease any pain,I think they work wonders

Posted 17th Mar 2017 by Liza

My little guy doesn't need it quite yet, but I sure hope it will when he does need it.

Looks beautiful and fits perfectly
Posted 9th Mar 2017 by Karen M

It worked for our baby, she slabbers way less than before wearing the bracelet and she is not fuzzy anymore

Posted 25th Jan 2017 by undefined

Our little lad wears this most of the time when he is in one piece suits, so no chance of getting to it. He is 7 months old and we would try anything to ease his teething pain. I think he seems calmer and more likely to play and forget about the discomfort, so it's a yes from us!

Posted 28th Dec 2016 by .

This anklet seems to be working beautifully. She is drooling less and less fussy.

Posted 28th Dec 2016 by Amelia Smith

Beautiful anklet! My niece is 2 and she has the amber necklace and now this cute anklet

Posted 22nd Dec 2016 by Agnes

I've been wearing this on my baby for 3 weeks. I quit for a week to see what happens with his drooling. He was back to soaking his shirt. Anklet has been back on for 4 days and his drooling stopped! Awesome!!

Very cute
Posted 21st Nov 2016 by Mrs l

The little anklet is very cute indeed. Unfortunately it has not made any difference to my son at all ...... disappointed. Also it's too big it falls off his foot if he doesn't have socks on .... x

Doesn't fit!
Posted 18th Oct 2016 by undefined

Too big for wrist too small for ankle!

not sure this works
Posted 10th Oct 2016 by undefined

Not to sure that this is working for my daughter as still dribbles when on.

Surprised by results!
Posted 3rd Oct 2016 by undefined

My son suffers from teething quite badly someone recommended an amber bracelet so I thought I'd give it a go, I'd tried everything else and nothing had worked! He is so much happier when wearing it, he's like a different child. I'm definitely an amber convert!

Amazing!!Love it❤
Posted 22nd Sep 2016 by Daniela

The bracellet is working!My 3 months baby girl doesen't cry anymore.I love it because my baby is happy now.Is the only think that works,i've tried everything...it was the only hope and it work it...love it!!!!

Amber anklets
Posted 17th Sep 2016 by Ki

We have ordered a couple of these now as my boys love to kick them off and loose them, they seem to work great, we've got 1 tooth so far and haven't had any horrid teething symptoms, I've reccomended them to all my twin mummy friends... they usually have discounts for buying more than 1 also which comes in very handy!!

Posted 16th Sep 2016 by f

not sure if its working 100% we keep loosing it as slightly big for my son seven months old,anklet. otherwise its beautiful nicely made very smooth and durable cheers

It really works
Posted 15th Sep 2016 by Samantha

I love this product because it really does work very well. Unfortunately, my 8 month old is able to take it off very easily no matter where I put it on him. So he instantly gets it off and chews on it. I would love to never take my eyes off of him, its just not realistic. I do know they work though. I love this product. I would recommend it

Posted 14th Sep 2016 by undefined

Would definitely recommend! Helps with dribbling too..

Posted 7th Sep 2016 by Jenna

Love it! It's still a little big for my 17 pound 4 month old. My guess is his rolls push it off. Still a good purchase and hope to use it soon!

I was a sceptic.
Posted 11th Jul 2016 by Victoria Harrison

Initially I bought the anklet as my son is teething and has been quite ratty and I must admit I was sceptical about the product. After a day or so I did notice a slight change in his mood but it wasn't until I took the anklet off that myself and my partner realised just what a difference the anklet had made as without it he'd been dribbling like a running tap and his overall mood was challenging. Like I said I was sceptical but I'm not now.

Posted 15th Jun 2016 by undefined

Helping my little one during the teething process

Posted 14th Jun 2016 by Kalindi

Arrived quickly and pretty to look at, now just waiting for it to work its magic!

Love it !!
Posted 6th Jun 2016 by Kim

Looks and fits lovely, seems to have helped already but we haven't started teething properly yet just the odd few days, still have lots of dribble but I suppose we can't have it all :) overall love the product x

So so
Posted 6th Jun 2016 by undefined

Cut down dribbling but nothing else

great product
Posted 6th Jun 2016 by jade oconnor

Very good and so far seems to be doing its magic! The only bad thing to say would be the fact its a screw in to fasten it my baby has chubby ankles and loves to wriggle his foot when im trying to put it on so would be better with an easier clasp

Posted 30th May 2016 by Julie kenyon

We both love it highly recommended

Too small :(
Posted 25th May 2016 by undefined

Wouldn't fit my 10 month old, didn't bother returning as I'd have to pay for postage and then a refund would be 'considered'

Amber Teethinb Anklet
Posted 25th May 2016 by Sarah

Great quality, looks lovely

Lovely item
Posted 25th May 2016 by Gemma

Perfect little anklet bracelets for my twin girls. They're really suffering with teething so hoping these will help.

Amazing anklet
Posted 20th May 2016 by Kirsty

The bracelet/anklet fits my child perfectly and isn't hard to put on. He started very young showing signs of teething and since he's had his anklet on he's a lot more settled and not as agitated as he was beforehand.

Very disappointed :(
Posted 12th May 2016 by undefined

I was really looking forward to trying the anklet with my little one as he's really suffering, gutted when I came as it's too small, he's 9 months old. Doesn't seem worth sending back as I'd have to pay postage :(

Great bracelet
Posted 6th May 2016 by JK

Very nice Baltic Amber bracelet. The quality looks good, the knots all look nice and tight.Delivery took longer than expected:(

Excellent product
Posted 21st Apr 2016 by Sue

Has worked a treat

Posted 18th Apr 2016 by Hayley

I got this anklet for my little girl, and so far is bin great!! It's Defo working, the drooling and grumpiness has subsided a lot!

Posted 17th Apr 2016 by Jenny

Don't know how this works, but it does! We had heard a lot of good things about these teething anklets so thought we'd try it. In just a few days there is a noticeable difference in the amount of fussiness and drool. Pray it keeps helping my little guy!

Posted 18th Mar 2016 by Dana

Nicely made, great looking anklet. Perfect length for my teenage son.

Its okay
Posted 16th Mar 2016 by Kristen B

Not the length I wanted but I'll just save it for when baby grows into it

Posted 15th Mar 2016 by Ashley

Too small to use as an anklet. Returned

Too big
Posted 16th Feb 2016 by Kim gibson

Says suitable from birth. My grandaughter is 5 months old and slips off

Too big
Posted 16th Feb 2016 by Kim gibson

It says suitable frim birth. My grandaughter is 5 months old and it wont stay on her ankle let alone wrist

amber teething bracelet
Posted 9th Feb 2016 by Kerry Benson

As the necklace was very effective, I went ahead and purchase the bracelet safe easy to put on and take off child. I've noticed a drastic decrease in drooling and a.happier baby

Love these bracelets
Posted 3rd Feb 2016 by Annabel Miller

Love this bracelet, very good quality!

The amber beads work!
Posted 29th Jan 2016 by Mary

too bad, doesn't have elastic in the cord. Like the knot between each bead. Hope the closure is secure - too early to know right now.

Posted 28th Jan 2016 by Danielle

Not sure if it works or not, but it is super cute on miss paisley Ann

Teething anklet
Posted 15th Jan 2016 by Lauren loveley

Since getting this teething anklet my little girl doesn't seem to be in any pain with her teeth I'm very happy with this product I highly recommend it to anyone with a teething baby

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Barrel screw clasp Barrel screw clasps consist of two round threaded cylinders where one end screws into the other end by twisting them around several times. They provide greater security than magnetic or hook type clasps.
Anklet string The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the anklet were to break the beads would not scatter.
Product images The organic nature of Baltic amber means the colour and shape may vary from the images shown on our website.
Packaging All items come in GoAmber branded packaging
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