Baltic Amber Anklet for Adults: Adjustable with Purple Amethyst Accents

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Indulge in style and holistic well-being with our Stylish Multi-Coloured Baroque Beads Baltic Amber Healing Anklet. Crafted with care and adorned with a lobster clasp, this anklet is a fusion of elegance and therapeutic benefits.

Stylish Wellness in Multi-Colours:
Elevate your style with the vibrant hues of multi-coloured Baltic amber baroque beads, secured with a lobster clasp. The anklet is designed for comfort and elegance, enhancing your well-being with every step.

Key Features:

Length: 25 cm (9.84 inches) + 2 cm (0.78 inches) chain extender
Colour: Multi-Coloured Amber / Purple Amethyst
Shape: Baroque beads

Unlock the Power of Nature:
Immerse yourself in the natural healing properties of Baltic amber, renowned for its therapeutic effects. From headaches and arthritis to stress and insomnia, this anklet offers a holistic approach to well-being. Each bead is a unique testament to the authenticity of nature's gifts.

Customized Comfort, Lasting Impact:
The anklet's length of 25 cm (9.84 inches) is complemented by a 2 cm (0.78 inches) chain extender, ensuring a personalized fit. Please measure for size and observe the product image carefully, as the distinctiveness of each amber piece adds character to your accessory.

Holistic Elegance, Unmatched Authenticity:
Baltic amber, a natural resin fossil, is a symbol of authenticity and timeless elegance. No two pieces are identical, making this anklet a unique expression of style and well-being.

Step Into Well-Being:
Experience the fusion of style and holistic wellness with our Stylish Multi-Coloured Baroque Beads Baltic Amber Healing Anklet. Let each step be a reminder of the natural beauty and therapeutic benefits that Baltic amber brings into your life.

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25 cm (9.84 in) + 2 cm (0.78 in) chain extender
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2 Reviews

Karel 22nd May 2023


Fast delivery x happy with product

Paulinq 21st Mar 2023

Very nice anklet

Beautiful colors, well made. I wear it daily

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