When Your Baby is Ready for Amber Teething Jewelry?

Whenever something happens to us for the first time, it means a lot… even if we do not remember it. The very first smile, the very first step, the very first word. All of these eventually make us who we are. And, of course, there is always the very first tooth.

Some babies start developing their teeth as early as three months, some go as late as a year. Though, the majority shows the first signs of teething at the age of six months. It depends on many factors such as genetics and even early labour. Paediatricians claim it will likely take longer for your premature baby to have the first tooth coming through than for full-term children. However, there are things that all babies experiencing teething have in common. Those are teething symptoms and change in behaviour.

Swollen gums, excessive drooling, disturbed sleep and whims are only a few well-known signs of teething. There are some routine pieces of advice how to ease pain and help your little one go through this tough time. Besides those recommendations, parents all around the world choose Baltic amber teething jewellery as a natural remedy they can rely on. Succinic acid, which is the key component of genuine Baltic amber, is antioxidant-rich and provides an anti-inflammatory effect.

Some parents prefer to try amber teething jewellery at the time they see the first signs of teething, which is very fine. However, in some cases such approach does not work as expected. Teething time is full of stress and new emotions as it is, and there is a chance your kid will not make his or her peace with another “something new” that comes around. As Baltic amber teething bracelets, anklets and necklaces are fully organic and do not cause allergy they might be put around your kid’s neck or wrist as early as he or she is born. In that way your baby will get sufficient time to get used to the feeling of amber beads against the skin to let them work when the time comes. When treating your kid with amber teething jewellery, please make sure you follow the safety rules.

The beauty of teething jewellery is not only in raw or polished amber beads but also in a possibility to enjoy the amber necklace or bracelet even at the age of two or three when all the teeth are there. The high quality of genuine Baltic amber, knots before and after each bead, as well as proper care, make amber teething jewellery durable and long-lasting.

At GoAmber, we are happy to be with your kid from the first days of his or her life, share a new smile later on and stay with your little one even when the overwhelming teething experience is over.