5 Myths About Baltic Amber Teething Jewellery

People love myths and so do we… as long as they concern literature. When it comes to amber teething jewellery, legends may sometimes turn into misleading stories. We know how important it is to get the right experience from an early age, therefore, it is time to debunk some widespread myths about amber jewellery for kids.

1. Amber teething bracelets substitute teething rings. Well, they are certainly of the same shape and may even sound similar, but their functions are totally different. While teething rings and toys made from natural rubber, silicone or solid plastic are designed for your kid to safely chew on, amber teething bracelet normally should not go to your kid’s mouth. It will not do any harm but it is still a piece of jewellery. The main effect comes from having it worn. Baltic amber relieves mild pain and drooling from teething. After all, teething jewellery and teething toys actually complement one another and make a great duo for your kid’s well-doing.

2. Amber jewellery serves aesthetic purposes only. It is true that Baltic amber bracelets, anklets and necklaces are jewellery in the first place. Not regular, though. Amber is widely known for its key ingredient, the fossilised resin. When warmed by the skin, it releases its healing properties that are highly appreciated when dealing with teething, excessive gas, skin rash, throat pain and even arthritis. With simple yet elegant designs of the amber jewellery and its contribution to your well-doing, you actually get 2 in 1.

3. Amber teething jewellery suits every baby. It might seem babies do not really care about their looks but what they really care about is their comfort. It may take time for your kid to get used to something totally new to them. If you notice your kid cannot make his or her peace with the necklace or anklet and is constantly trying to tear them off, do not force your precious one to wear the jewellery. Even though amber healing properties have accumulative effect, the comfort and safety of your kid is equally important.

4. Teething jewellery is not a toy. Both, polished and raw amber beads are nice to the touch and very pretty to look at. Therefore, some kids might want to use their bracelet as another toy and some parents do not make a big deal out of it. Please do not let your kid play with the jewellery and do not leave them unattended to prevent possible choking hazard.

5. Baltic amber jewellery is expensive. The prices might differ as they depend on various factors. Such as the size and shape of amber beads, type of amber and additional stones or pendants. However, the range is wide and you should easily find something that would delight your eye and be affordable at the same time. The good thing is that the properties of amber are not influenced by the price.