4 Tips to Make Amber Teething Jewellery Last Longer

At GoAmber, we put all our care in producing safe, durable and long-lasting amber teething jewellery alleviating your kid’s uncomfortable feelings while getting new teeth. Once your child got used to their amber teething necklace, bracelet or anklet and wears it regularly, you should take proper care of it. We have prepared some care tips for your Baltic amber teething jewellery to last longer and serve your kid the best way.

1. Use lukewarm water for washing

There are no certain rules on how often you need to wash amber teething jewellery. Just make sure you do it from time to time as it is in direct contact with your baby’s skin. Please wash the necklace or bracelet in lukewarm water and use soft soap only if necessary. Frequent exposure to hot water and aggressive cleaning agents might result in thinner and less durable silk cord and loss of shine if amber beads are polished. You may also use sterling silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish. Also, remember to take off amber teething necklace or bracelet when your baby goes swimming or bathing.

2. Keep amber teething jewellery away from direct sunlight

Although in sunny colours, amber is sensible to direct sunlight. When you are going for a walk, the best thing would be to keep the necklace or bracelet underneath your baby’s clothes. When placed against the skin, it works best anyway.

3. Do not store amber teething jewellery with your own items

Baltic amber is quite soft and rather easy to scratch. To keep amber teething jewellery in perfect condition, avoid storing it with metal jewellery. The best way would be to keep amber teething necklace or bracelet separately, wrapped in a soft cloth or in a jewellery box. GoAmber products come in a linen or carton package which is also a good way to keep them apart from your own jewellery.

4. Supervise your kid

It is always a good idea to supervise your kid while they are wearing amber teething jewellery. When it comes to care, supervision is all about not letting you kid put necklace or bracelet in their mouth or tug on it. Constantly stretching the jewellery might make it bigger in size and loosen the silk cord.

With these simple care tips, we hope GoAmber teething jewellery will serve your kid even when the teething time is over.