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GoAmber Teething & Colic Bracelets / Anklets

Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux & colic / maximum strength raw beads



In order to achieve the best results! Unpolished RAW Stretch honey rounded beads amber teething anklet for your baby! Beaded on stretchy elastic cord (without clasp). The beads are smooth and lightweight with no sharp edges or cracks so your baby won't even notice he’s wearing them!

To ensure the best care, avoid playing with the anklet by stretching and pulling it unnecessarily. Also, when removing the anklet try to roll it off or carefully loosen it rather than pulling it off in a triangle shape motion. Repetitive pulling over time can cause the elastic to stretch and even break.

Approximate length of amber baby anklet is 5.1-5.5 inches or 13-14 cm. This is generally a good size for most young children, regardless of age.

- Authentic Baltic amber verified by the Gemological Institute of Europe 
- Teething pain relief
- Colic pain relief
- Excessive gas & Reflux relief
- Skin rash relief
- Passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests 
- Trendy, earthy look. Super cute! 
- Product does not lose effectiveness over time


Too tight
Posted 10th Oct 2022 by Victoria

Bought for my 17 month old as he was really struggling with teething. Good quality product although it was too tight on his ankle and left marks. Have been trying to get him to wear it on his wrist but he keeps taking it off. Knew he’d do that so bought it hoping to have it as an anklet. Will try persevering.

Slipping off alot and leaves marks of ankle
Posted 21st Jul 2021 by Emma

I bought 2 ankle bracelets for my daughter 4 years ago and saw a massive difference in her when she was teething. However its a different bracelet and is not working for my 4mt old son. It's constantly slipping of his ankle and he's a big fellow. I gave up on it and put my daughters old bracelet on him and can see a slight change in his behaviour. Fast delivery nice package.

Amber teething anklet
Posted 9th Mar 2021 by Natalie W

Bought this for baby when he was really struggling with teething. I think it is working as he isn’t getting as upset as before having the anklet. Same red cheeks and dribbly but less tears. This is the second one i have bought after putting first through the washer and it snapped. This one seems a bit tighter on babys ankle but now he kicks it off less!

Quick delivery and perfect fit.
Posted 13th Feb 2021 by Rachel Edwards

Lovey quality anklet. The elastic makes it easy to put on and isn’t restricting. The products were delivered promptly and they are quality items. Thank you.

Stretch Amber bracelet
Posted 12th Feb 2021 by Kelly Thomas

I used Amber anklet with my first daughter and was amazed by the results so this time bought one for my second. I do honestly think they work. The only thing I would say is I bought the stretch anklet for my 10.month old who I would say is average weight and height for her age and the stretch anklet is really tight on her ankle. So much so I feel like I have to alternate ankles otherwise it may start hurting her. I tried putting on her wrist but she just keeps grabbing at it and I'm worried she'll break it. So be mindful when buying. That it won't last very long

Good fit
Posted 15th Sep 2020 by Teresa

Put it on today and it’s a nice comfortable fit. He is a big fella for his age so I’m pleased about the fit. Fingers crossed it will give him some comfort regarding the teething.

Posted 8th Aug 2019 by Natasha

Never expected this to work but the improvement is amazing fast delivery too.

Raw honey stretch anklet
Posted 26th May 2019 by Stacey

Absolutely love this! My daughter has now cut 4 teeth with no need of any other pain relief! Miracle anklet!

Posted 12th Mar 2019 by Camilla Trueman

Excellent quality, fits my little girl really well. Since purchasing this she has slept so much better. Hands down would purchase again

Nor sure about this
Posted 30th Sep 2018 by Beets01

Unfortunately this bracelet does not work at all on our teething baby. There is no change in behaviour when it is worn or when it is not worn. Baby is super cranky and crying loads regardless. I didnt have big hopes because i ve heard it can be placebo effect. Shame it doesnt work for us.

Stretch teething anklet
Posted 18th Sep 2018 by Lydia

Beautifully made and looks lovely. Quick delivery and arrived packaged very well . The only problem I found was that the elasticated anklet I chose was too right on my baby and cut into his ankle. There was only one option and if I had known how tight it would be I would have chosen a made to measure size. It’s a shame he can’t wear it as the item looks lovely.

Posted 28th Dec 2017 by Emma Greenwood

Our 14 month old has really suffered with teething, she can cut 6 teeth in 8 weeks! After trying all sorts we purchased this, she has only needed one dose of paracetamol on two occasions and has been so much happier even though we have 3 teeth on the way. Simply wish we had bought one sooner. Highly recommended.

Posted 8th Dec 2017 by Penny

Whilst the bracket is pretty the overall desire of the purchase has not been completely fulfilled. My daughter is certainly less dribbly but still chewing on her hands. I’m sure as the weeks go on the bracket will take further affect

Amber teething and colic anklet
Posted 21st Oct 2017 by Billie

Absolourly beautiful It truly does help

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Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux and colic / maximum strength raw beads
Stretch amber teething anklet for babies
Certified amber teething anklet
Amber teething anklet chemist
Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux and colic / maximum strength raw beads
Amber teething anklet UK
Baltic amber teething jewellery UK & Ireland
Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux and colic / maximum strength raw beads
Amber teething anklet Ireland
Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux and colic / maximum strength raw beads
Stretch amber teething anklet, reflux and colic / maximum strength raw beads