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GoAmber Teething Necklaces

Extra strength raw amber & blue agate teething, reflux & colic necklace



In order to achieve the best results! Multicoloured RAW unpolished nuggets amber teething, reflux & colic necklace for your baby with Blue Agate beads. It is untreated natural amber and considered to be stronger and more effective than polished amber.

Weight of baby necklace 8 grams, approximate length of amber baby necklace 12.6-13 inches or 32-33 cm.

- Authentic Baltic amber verified by the Gemological Institute of Europe 
- Teething & Colic pain relief
- Ear/throat pain relief
- Excessive gas & Reflux relief
- Skin rash relief
- Passes all 8 DIY amber authenticity tests 
- Double-knotted beads for safety 
- Extra-Secure screw clasp 
- Leave on all day, wrap around ankle at night 
- Trendy, earthy look. Super cute! 
- Product does not lose effectiveness over time

Anklets and necklaces
Posted 27th Sep 2022 by Charlotte

Another beautiful purchase! So happy with the two necklaces and anklet I’ve ordered! Ordered elastic anklet in previous order and really happy with that as well ❤️

Amber necklace
Posted 8th Oct 2021 by Amy Woolmer

Unfortunately our necklace string snapped by the clasp after two months. (Due to small child running off with it in his hand and getting it stuck and yanking to hard not whilst wearing) so it is no longer wearable however I have definitely noticed a difference in him since when his teeth are bugging him. Amber definitely works to ease the discomfort of teething and I would recommend to others.

Posted 2nd Sep 2021 by nat

My Baby girl had a very hard time when her teeth started to come through and nothing worked tried so many different things but as soon as I put on the this amber necklace I don't even know she is teething she's a happy baby with no pain and I am a happy mum !!

Very quick delivery
Posted 19th Feb 2021 by Steph

Very quick delivery. Great help with his teething but hasn’t helped with his reflux

love it
Posted 31st May 2019 by Stacy Monical

Another beautiful necklace! This is my fifth necklace ordered from goamber and once again I am so happy with my purchase.❤️

Posted 20th Mar 2017 by Jane

Larger beads than I was expecting and very polished. It is perfect.

Absolutely love this
Posted 15th Mar 2017 by undefined

This is my little girls 2nd one she started off with an anklet at 3 months and now has a necklace at 17months and it has worked miracles for us it calmed her right down as she has a terrible time with each tooth , i would tell anyone to give it a go if your having trouble with teething baby or toddler

Posted 25th Dec 2016 by Eva Goddard

I ordered necklace and anklet for my 5 month old who is going mad with he's teething .. I don't feel that the amber is helping my little man at all.

Posted 3rd Feb 2016 by Victoria Shmith

I bought these for my son after being on holiday and lots of babies having them on so I thought I'd give them a try. My son had suffered terrible getting just 4 teeth they arrived on a Friday 6 weeks ago and since then he has 4 new teeth with another 2 on the verge. I have now bought my niece a pair ! I don't know or understand how they work but they do !

Quick shipping and quality item
Posted 15th Jan 2016 by Nicole Green

I didn't notice a difference when my son wore the necklace, but the look was great and it was worth a shot! Nothing against the shop. They were quick and make great looking pieces. We just didn't get the results I was hoping for!

Posted 30th Nov 2015 by Lauren Collins

Highly recommend these products. My son is 6 months and was starting to really suffer with his teeth (that haven't appeared as yet). My friend recommend amber beads and I was sceptical about them to start with as I couldn't see how a necklace would help with teeth. But as a mother with a teething baby you will try anything... and I'm glad I did. Almost hours after putting the anklet on I saw a difference in him. He was less grizzly and didn't seem to dribble as much. 3 weeks later he is perfectly happy. Would highly recommend

Very nice necklace
Posted 25th Nov 2015 by Maria

perfect! Thanks..praying this works for my little one!

Really cute and well made
Posted 18th Nov 2015 by Emily Reed

Longer than expected, but my mini will grow into it.

Posted 4th Nov 2015 by Karin Wagner

One of the beads was broken when I opened it. If i was not going to put it on my baby I wouldn't have minded.

amber necklace
Posted 30th Oct 2015 by Ann-Kristin Fesse

Really lovely amber necklace- beautiful amber and well made- best one I have seen. Shipping was faster than stated too. Thank you!

Ineffective, but Pretty
Posted 21st Oct 2015 by Ashley Alderman

Couldn't tell a noticeable difference in my daughters teething pain/irritability. But she did look like a proper hippie and it was a good conversation starter. Just make sure can explain the psuedo science behind it because you will get asked

they are brilliant!
Posted 16th Oct 2015 by Becca Riley

My little boy has had a necklace and anklet on since he was 2 weeks old, never taken them off and he's 15months now, helped him loads with teething!! Highly recommend!

Baltic amber
Posted 8th Oct 2015 by Marion Lawrence

We have one and it does seem to work. It's not a total cure and my daughter does seem to experience some discomfort still, but it's much better when she's wearing the amber and she never cries, only gets mildly more whiny than usual. I used to think the amber teething necklaces were sort of an old wives' tale until I did some research. As it turns out, Baltic amber (HAS to be Baltic) contains succinic acid which is a natural pain reliever. It gets warm by being near body heat and releases small amounts which get absorbed through the skin. Neat!

Posted 17th Sep 2015 by Vikki Holmes


Thanks a lot
Posted 3rd Sep 2015 by Cecilia Mannberg

I have a skinny two year old toddler, and this necklace fits perfectly. It's not long enough for him to chew on, but he really likes it or barely notices it's on him--win win. We live in year round tropical weather, and heat rashes are common. I think his rash subsided drastically since wearing it. Thank you!

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Availability Dispatch time 1-3 business days
Condition New
Barrel screw clasp Barrel screw clasps consist of two round threaded cylinders where one end screws into the other end by twisting them around several times. They provide greater security than magnetic or hook type clasps.
Necklace string The amber beads are strung on strong cotton thread. There is a knot on either side of each bead so if the necklace were to break the beads would not scatter.
Weight 8.00 Grams
Sku AB106
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Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace certificate
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace
Blue agate amber teething necklace