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Making Teething a Good Time to Remember

You’ve just gone through the very first stage of creating your baby’s daily routine and it might feel a bit easier now. Yet, there is always something new to come. Do you see your baby drooling more than usual and trying suck or chew on everything that comes into their hands? Yes, it’s teething time!

Just as different adults handle the same problem differently, every baby deals with this new condition in their own way. If you have more than one kid, you might have noticed one of them being totally cool with sore gums while the other one fussing all the time.

At GoAmber, we stay for calm babies and happy parents. Therefore, we believe in Baltic amber teething sets as natural and beautiful remedy. Amber gems are believed to provide anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the high amount of succinic acid. You can always choose from a variety of necklaces, bracelets and anklets to find the one that will become the very first companion of your kid.

Even though many drooling babies have good time with Baltic amber anklets and bracelets, teething jewellery isn’t the only remedy. In fact, it works even better when combined with other methods for pain relief.

1. Many paediatricians mention gum massage as one of the most popular practices. To reduce swelling, try gently massaging your baby’s gums with your clean finger or a cold spoon. You may also let your kid chew on a clean cloth soaked in water and slightly frozen. Massaging soothes sore gums and makes your kid feel better… at least for some time. You need to be patient and ready to give a massage once your little one gets cranky again.

2. Do not forget about teething toys, they work great as well. Besides, some of them are a real pleasure to play with. However, make sure they are made from safe materials like natural rubber or silicone.

3. If you prefer pharmacy products, oral gels might help you and your drooling baby. Before going this way, please see your paediatrician to choose a particular oral gel which will be both safe and effective. Read the patient information leaflet carefully or follow the instructions of your paediatrician.

With certified Baltic amber jewellery or any other method for pain relief, we hope teething time will be full of happy moments to remember!