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Caring About Well-Being of Your Kid Together

At GoAmber, we are devoted to make you reveal all the benefits of genuine Baltic amber. When designing healings anklets, bracelets and necklaces, we do put safety of your kids first. All pieces are made from certified Baltic amber, which is natural, hypoallergenic and safe even for toddlers. We thread beads on a durable silk cord and most of the time secure each bead with knots on both sides preventing the cord from weakening. Moreover, each item entering our store passes various stages of control, making us absolutely confident about both quality and safety of our amber jewellery.

However, just as on any other occasion involving kids under 3 years old, benefitting from our amber teething or colic reflux jewellery implies supervision of adults. GoAmber items designed for kids are always of the appropriate length, which means the necklace goes around your baby’s neck in just one string. This prevents the jewellery from accidentally getting caught on anything in your baby’s crib or from a kid’s desire to tug on it. Should you see your kid still trying to do that, do not allow them to stretch the silk cord as it may eventually loosen it and make the item one or even several sizes bigger.

Even though we call it teething jewellery, it certainly has nothing to do with sucking or chewing. So please do not let you kid to put their amber bracelet or necklace in their mouth. Not only this causes choking hazard but also shortens the period healing amber bracelets and necklaces serve your kids the best way.

The healing effect of Baltic amber is cumulative. It means, the longer your kid feels amber against their skin, the better. However, it does not mean you have to make your drooling baby to wear it all the time. Quite the opposite, make sure you take the teething necklace, bracelet or anklet off when you leave your kid unattended or when they go to sleep. Thus, nothing will disturb your little one from their sweet dreams… and you from finally having some of the silence.

High-quality GoAmber jewellery and parental control combined make truly happy kids.